List of Titles

1. Anansi the Spider and His Children
2. Anansi the Spider and the Singing Ghosts
3. How the Monkeys Got Their Tails
4. How the Animals Got Their Tails
5. The Rabbits and the Elephants
6. The Crocodile and the Leguan Lizard
7. The Woman and Her Yams
8. The Sun and the Jackal
9. The Leopard and the Hyena
10. The Parrot and the Hen
11. The Lemur and the Shrew
12. The First Fire
13. The Animals and the Fire
14. The Jackal Sends the Dog to Get Fire
15. The Dogs of Long Ago
16. The People and the Sea-Turtle
17. Grandmother Crocodile
18. The Hippo and the Crocodile
19. The Three Creatures
20. The Ram and His Mother
21. The Bat and the Dove
22. The Cane-Rat and the Bat
23. The Queen’s Feast
24. God and the Birds
25. The Mosquito and the Ears
26. The Tortoise and the Pig
27. The Jackal and the Hyena
28. The Elephant and the Rhino
29. The Little Frog and the Little Snake
30. The Fish and the Leopard
31. The Leopard and the Man
32. The Lion’s Family and the Leopard
33. The Flying Lion
34. The First Lion
35. The First Baboons
36. The First Fish
37. The First Snake
38. The First Bird
39. The Cattle and the Buffalo
40. The Rabbit and the Moon
41. The Chameleon and the Lizard
42. The Dog and the Sheep
43. The Dog’s Message
44. The People Who Wanted to Live Forever
45. The Hyena Who Waited
46. The Owls and their Servants
47. The Dog and the Cow
48. The Squirrel and the Viper
49. The Frog and His Two Wives
50. The Animals and the Rain
51. The Frog and the Water
52. The Boar and the Hog
53. The Rooster and the Sun
54. The Leopard and His Drum
55. The Spider and Lion’s Ram
56. The Spider in the Storeroom
57. When the Jackal and the Hyena Were Servants
58. King Lion and the Corn-Thief
59. The Rabbit, the Baboon, and the Peanuts
60. The Wildcat and the Monkey (1)
61. The Wildcat’s Revenge (2)
62. The Birds’ Fasting Contest
63. The Elephant and the Rooster
64. The Elephant and the Goat
65. The Elephant and the Tortoise
66. The Frog and the Deer
67. The Chameleon and the Elephant
68. The Rabbit and the Chameleon
69. The Elephant and the Frog
70. The People and the Turtle
71. The Monkey and the Leopard
72. The Jackal and the Rooster
73. The Hunter and the Leopard
74. The Lioness and the Chicks of the Ostrich
75. The Gorilla and the Monkey
76. The Wildcat and the Nightjar
77. The Pious Cat and the Mouse
78. The Leopard and the Dog
79. The Woman and the Rabbit
80. The Rabbit and the Antelope
81. The Swallow and the Rooster
82. The Rooster and the Swallow
83. The Hen and the Rabbit
84. The Rabbit and the Deer
85. The Rabbit Visits the Baboon
86. The Wildcat and the Gazelle
87. The Tortoise and the Bat
88. The Dog and the Chimpanzee
89. The Tortoise and the Baboon
90. The Leopard and the Python
91. The Tortoise, the Elephant, and the Hippo
92. The Antelope and the Tortoise
93. The Giraffe and the Tortoise
94. The Tortoise and the Guinea-Fowl (1)
95. The Tortoise and the Hawk (2)
96. The Tortoise and the Hawk’s Mother (3)
97. The Tortoise and the Leopard
98. A Husband for the Princess
99. The King’s Magic Drum (1)
100. The Tortoise and the Magic Drum (2)
101. The Tortoise’s Revenge (3)
102. The Tortoise and the Magic Breadfruit
103. The Spider and the Cobweb
104. The Spider’s Funeral
105. Anansi the Spider and God (1)
106. Anansi and the Snake (2)
107. Anansi and the Leopard (3)
108. The Elephant and the Spider
109. The Elephant and the Honey
110. The Elephant and the Rabbit Plant Pumpkins (1)
111. The Rabbit and His Drum (2)
112. When the Rabbit and the Antelope Were Neighbors
113. The Rabbit and the Leopard
114. The Rabbit and the Old Woman
115. The Animals and Their Dance (1)
116. The Rabbit and the Stepping-Stone (2)
117. The Rabbit’s Punishment (3)
118. The Lion and the Rabbit
119. The Rabbit and the Tortoise
120. The Rabbit and the Earth
121. The Bushbuck and the Rabbit
122. The Rabbit and the Cloud-Islands (1)
123. The Hyena and the Muddy Rabbit (2)
124. The Farmer and the Rabbit
125. The Scorpion and the Hyena
126. The Jerboa and the Hyena
127. The Hyena and Her Friends
128. The Hyena and the Man
129. The Hyena and the Crane
130. The Lion’s Illness
131. The Jackal and the Fish-Wagon (1)
132. The Hyena and the Fish-Wagon (2)
133. The Wedding of the Jackal and the Hyena
134. The Jackal and the Hyena’s Wedding Feast
135. The Jackal and the Goat
136. The Dove and the Jackal (1)
137. The Jackal and the Heron (2)
138. The Dog and the Jackal at the Wedding Feast
139. The Leopard and the Bloodthirsty Jackal
140. The Cat and the Leopard
141. The Rat and the Fish
142. The Tortoise and the Mushrooms
143. The Elephant in the Swamp
144. The Hyena and the Moon
145. The Chameleon and the Snake
146. The Proud Wren
147. The Francolin and the Tortoise
148. The Eagle and the Leopard
149. The Lion and the Crocodile (1)
150. The Young Lion’s Revenge (2)
151. The Rat and the Crocodile
152. The Sheep’s New Dress
153. The Python with Two Heads
154. The Snake and the Rat
155. The Partridge and the Puff-Adder
156. The Leopard and the Goat
157. The Lioness and the Antelope
158. The Crocodile and the Hen
159. The Fruit-Bat’s Funeral
160. The Lioness and the Ostrich
161. The Fox and the Rooster
162. The Dog Who Would Be King
163. The Deer and the Pig
164. The Hasty Tortoise
165. The Tree That Blocked the Sun
166. The Rhino and the Bees
167. The Python and the Guinea-Fowl
168. The Lion and the Boar
169. The King’s Cat and His Rat
170. The Disobedient Boy
171. The Man Who Became an Elephant
172. The Song of the Monkey
173. The Woman Who Became a Lion
174. The Woman and Her Suitors
175. The Mother and Her Daughter
176. The Baboon Who Became a Man
177. The Bad-Tempered Wife
178. The Woman Who Married a Crow
179. The Woman and the Mysterious Bird
180. The Woman Who Lost Her Way
181. The Lost Boy
182. The Woman Who Went Fishing
183. The Farmer and the Baboon
184. The Villagers and the Chimpanzee
185. The Man Who Tracked a Gorilla
186. The Crocodile and the Two Children
187. The Deadly Crocodile
188. The Hunter and the Deer
189. The Dog and the Lizard
190. The Hyena’s Prophecy
191. The Bird Who Made Milk
192. The Grateful Python
193. The Cowherd and the Antelope
194. The Goat-Dung
195. The Obstinate Child
196. The Tortoise and His Debts
197. The Camel and Her Seven Companions
198. The Dog and the Pangolin
199. The Sparrow and the Parrot
200. The Danger of a Nonexistent Donkey

The “Tiny Tales” Books

1. Tiny Tales of Nasruddin
2. Tiny Tales from India
3. Tiny Tales from Aesop
4. Tiny Tales Teaching Guide
5. Tiny Tales from the Sufis
6. Tiny Tales of Anansi
7. Tiny Tales from the Ramayana
8. Tiny Tales from the Mahabharata
9. Tiny Tales from Africa: The Animals


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